Scent Marketing


The Scent Marketing is your scent logo: during these last years all the communication sector faced a decline of the different traditional communicative formulas.

Specific studies demonstrated that fragrances and ambient scents boost the presence of people inside sales points and lead to an increase of sales. The Scent Marketing calls to mind an immediate emotional reaction at psychosomatic level: this encourages the buyer decision process and that is why the Scent Marketing is essential.

Specialscent is a powerful support to fidelize and surprise your clients; it gives positive emotions and unforgettable memories because it passes through a communication level which is not saturated of messages. It has a strong, emotional, positive and deep power able to influence through a language more persistent and incisive than words and images.

Specialscent offers a customized Scent Marketing, customized ambient fragrances for any circumstances, scenting diffusion for single spaces, scenting diffusion through canalized areas, scenting diffusion for outdoor environments, perfumed business cards,  perfumed napkins for your clients. All of this is Scent Marketing.

Specialscent is Scent Marketing.